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Kibum/Donghae – He Will Be Loved [77] (Kibum is loved)

Kibum’s content with his life. Or at least that’s what he tells himself. He has a car, an apartment over his head, and sufficient enough job offers to afford the house and the car. But it’s not actually until he steps back in through Super Junior’s dorm and is greeted by the insanity that usually befalls there and nearly smothered at the door by Donghae, that he feels loved.

(“I’ve missed you, Kibummie.”

“I missed you too.”)

Han Geng/Heechul – Breaking the Rules [483] (Heechul doesn’t break the rules for just anyone)

It sinks in that he’s breaking the rules the minute he steps foot on Chinese soil. This is the first time he’s done anything so rash like this despite what everyone seems to think. He was too afraid before, too hurt, and too angry to even think too much about the whole idea. But here he is, on his way to the one place and one person he’d never thought he would see again.

The cab ride is silent except for the hum of the car and the thrum of Beijing’s nightlife. He goes through the endless list of schedules he has for tomorrow, if Heebum is being taken care of properly by Sungmin, what he’ll do once he faces that doorstep. He tries not to think too hard about the last one and focuses on everything else instead.

He pays the cab driver enough and then some before grabbing his one carry on from the trunk and facing the building in front of him. It’s in better condition than some that he’s seen, better than he’d thought to see, and he wonders why that surprises him. He bypasses the receptionist at the front desk easily enough, answering the so-called “security questions” easily. The trolls in his stomach start up once the elevator doors close and he’s inevitably stuck behind an old Chinese woman and a man who thinks it’s decent to pick his nose where people can see. He looks up at the elevator ceiling and he thanks Siwon for giving in and giving him his address.

The elevator dings a couple of times before it’s his turn to step out. He looks left and right, taking a deep breathe before he starts walking. The hallway seems like it goes on forever and he curses him in his head for picking a stupid corner apartment. He can feel his heart beat quicken even though he tells it to stop and it kind of does the minute he presses the doorbell and he can hear someone shuffle towards the door.

Time seems to want to fuck with him as the door starts to open and it slows down like one of those completely awful camera tricks that SM uses and he wonders why the fuck he’s thinking of SM when there’s…

This gorgeous man in front of him right at this moment.

He’s gripping the handle of his bag so tight he thinks it’s kind of stupid.

“Heechul… what are you doing here?”

“I break so many rules for you. Just to see you. And all you can say is that? You fucking idiot.”

His bag is forgotten on the ground as his arms wind their way around Han Geng’s neck. He buries his head in the crook and just breathes in that familiar scent and thinks he’d break a hundred million more rules just to feel this.

Just to feel like he’s home.

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi – Pinkie Promise [292] (Pinkie promises mean forever)

“Let’s pinkie promise to be bestestest friends forever and ever, Kui Xian!!”


“But Kui Xiannn ~”



“Zhou Mi. You’re 26 for God’s sake and you’re still doing such childish things. And no, do not pout at me you know that never—“ Kyuhyun sighed and glared at the older man pouting at him. “Fine, fine. Whatever. I can’t believe you’re older than me.”

“Yay!! Come on Kui Xian! Your pinkie!”

Kyuhyun begrudgingly held up his pinkie and wound it around the others and connected their thumbs together.

“Now recite after me! I, Kui Xian ~”

“I Kyuhyun.”

“Will be bestestest friends with Zhou Mi ~”

“Will be bestestest –“ he paused, looking slightly irritated. “Hyung, you do know that that isn’t even—“

“Just say it Kui Xian,” Zhou Mi said, sighing as if he was talking to a petulant child.

Kyuhyun just gave him a pointed look before continuing. “Will be bestestest friends with Zhou Mi,” he said flatly.

“Forever and ever!”

“Forever and ever.”

Zhou Mi beamed.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

Zhou Mi didn’t stop beaming and only tackled Kyuhyun, long gangly arms winding around the younger one’s neck and a face nuzzling into the crook. Kyuhyun just grunted and reluctantly put his hands on Zhou Mi’s waist. He was about to speak (probably to say something about how this entire thing was so stupid and shouldn’t he already know that they were forever already without him having to say anything) when Zhou Mi promptly kissed him on the lips. It didn’t last for very long (not long enough in Kyuhyun’s opinion) but the soft smile on Zhou Mi’s lips was breathtaking enough to make up for it.

“What was that for?”

“Sealed it with a kiss.”

Siwon/Sungmin – Fairy Tail [273] (Sungmin gets his Happily Ever After)

Sungmin knows it’s kind of a very stupid thing to be falling for a human, and a prince at that from what he can tell, but he can’t seem to help it. He swears up and down that the minute he saw him he was doomed already. Kyuhyun just gives him a pointed look. Sungmin thought it was really fitting that Kyuhyun was a crab. Hyukjae the anchovy and his best friend,

After a series of strange, unfortunate, and then maybe fortunate events that may have included angering the entire mermaid kingdom for running away, losing his fins and his voice, falling more in love with the prince, battling with the evil sea-witch (wizard?) Heechul and his minions Han Geng and Kibum, and saving the prince from marrying said evil sea-witch, Sungmin finally landed the man of his dreams.

“What are you doing out here, Sungmin?”

Sungmin blinked and turned around startled only to find said man of his dreams walking out into the balcony and towards him. A smile slowly made it’s way unto his face as he settled in to the man’s awaiting embrace. “Nothing Siwonnie. Just… reminiscing.”

“Hmm,” Siwon said as he leaned down to bury his nose and nuzzle Sungmin’s hair. Sungmin giggled as the younger blew a puff of air that grazed the top of his ear. “Well when you’ve finished your brooding…” Sungmin nodded to indicate that he heard, “I’d rather want to get to spend some time with my new husband.”

Sungmin smiled as he leaned up to Siwon’s chaste kiss, all thoughts prior swimming out of his head.

“Hm, I think I can do that.”


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