Nov. 18th, 2015 07:48 pm
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I have not posted anything here in 3 years.

Well, I mean, I've used LJ but only to read fic lol. That's crazy. I'm spending way too much time on tumblr now but to keep this blog alive, hello ~

Maybe I'll make a drabble. Who knows? Not me.

I'm in my 5th year of school now and I'm going to eat a strawberry cupcake in 2 seconds so life's decent.

yup ~ lol
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I'm still doing good. This weekend, and the last weekend too actually, has not been kind to me. I had my first orgo exam last monday. I think something in me kind of died during that test. It was very traumatizing. We shall not speak of it anymore. Kelley needs to just retire. Or stops giving us a three page long written exam THAT NO ONE CAN FINISH. jfc. I have never skipped more or left more answers blank on that exam in my life.

But that's over and now I have physics and micro to look forward to. Yay.


Just. My physics teacher is horrendous and now I have embarked on trying to figure out anything by myself. I hope I do well. I mean, physics is ok right? It's like the Spanish to the science world. Supposedly easy but the professors just like to make it harder for everyone else, the bastards. It's ok. I believe in myself. Hwaiting \O/ And micro. Micro is all right. I just have to believe in that because if I don't, I will probably just panic and fail.


Midterms always kill me.

Annnddddd ~ I have a new black hole of a band that I have fallen into! It's ~~~ EXO LOL \O/ BLACK HOLE. I REPEAT. THEY ARE AN IMMENSE BLACK HOLE. It's been a whirlwind with me for them actually. I was really excited when SM came out with the announcement of a new band! And then I got extremely annoyed of all the teasers and shit and then I fell out of the K-POP fandom a bit because DOCTOR WHO! AVENGERS! SHERLOCK! ONCE UPON A TIMEEEEE ~ !!! And then I slowly got back in to the K-POP fandom and then BAM. EXO. Bitches. It was like a side line from out of no where. I hate them. Whut?

Chen's my favorite! The troll LOL

But you know how this weekend isn't really that good to me? Yeah? The Ponds left. Like. Yeah. Can you tell I have a big gaping hole in my chest. I cried. In front of my friends. I don't even want to talk about it. It's a bit embarrasing.

So now I'm in my kitchen sitting in the uncomfortable wooden chair trying to study physics but failing because I get sidetracked easily and when is life going to be any easier. When do I start becoming dedicated and excited about it. I hope soon. I sincerely hope soon.

Can this year end already?
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It was the start of school today. I know. B l e h. I'm in my second year of a six year pharmd program and I just moved into my new apartment with my friends 4 days ago (?). It was last saturday, well, technically last sunday since I didn't sleep here saturday night but still. Moved in on saturday. It's really annoying though because our landlord's a huge asshole about everything, is useless, and did i mention he was a jackass? The real estate agent is also a big bag of incompetent but, you know, you deal and stuff.

On the bright side, the apartment is bigger than we secondly thought! It's still dirty because our landlord's definition of clean is just to wipe everything down superficially but the ceilings are really high and there's more space in my room than I thought. I still haven't finished packing (it's seeming like I have a lot of stuff right?) and my walls are really barren but it's going to be home-y. Soon. LOL

But as I said, it was the start of school today. I had two classes, microbio and psych of aggression. The professor for microbio seems alright and his grading system is really straightforward (just subtract whatever points you lost from 600) and, well, this is bio and I really hope I do well this semester. Please, please, please, please, pleaaaseeee. And I say that not only because I want that trip to the Philippines during winter break but just for myself. Because I want to do good. I hope I do well. The tests scare me though. I'm not a good exam taker.

And now everyone's saying that Kelly, our organic chem teacher is old and senile and horrible and that they wanted him to retire but guess not and that he's a bad teacher and S O B S. I already can't handle chemistry with a good teacher, how am I going to do with a bad? ;____; My life sucks. We'll see how orgo goes tomorrow ; n;

I had psych of aggression today as well. The teacher, prof. roderick, walks around a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It's insane and you just swerve your head where ever he goes. The classroom we have right now doesn't work either. There's like 20 of us and they gave us a huge ass auditorium. Who does that? Stupid registrars. Seriously, do they not see practicality.

I also have to go buy my books. I swear these things just keep getting more and more expensive every single fucking year. Who the fuck gives publisher's the right to sell their damn school books for $300? That's insane! Not everyone's rich you mother fuckers. JFC. We college kids are broke. Guh.

Buuuttttttttttttt ~ I hope this semester goes well. Ughhhh ~ I really hope so.

Luck to me.
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Fandom: The Dark Knight Rises
Subject: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
Title: And These Lives We Live (Sensual & Dangerous)
Warnings: None ~
Notes: I love them ok. This fanmix took me forever to put up because, well, I'm lazy lmao.

And These Lives We Lead (Sensual & Dangerous) )
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Fandom: The Avengers [Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/The Incredible Hulk]
Subject: Individual Avengers & Ships [Movie Canon]
Title: Heart Is A Soldier
Warnings: Movie canon ships and Loki LOL
Notes: This fanmix took forever to put together, you have no idea, and it’s so… eccentric in it's musical choices. LMAO. Sorry for that XD It's very pop, I guess and it’s also ship-y as well and I stuck to movie-canon, so, yeah. LOL. Enjoy it! And Thank you! :D

Heart Is A Soldier )
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: James & Lily (Jily)
Title: My Heart (Is Filled With You)
Warnings: No Spoilers
Notes: Oh God, hi. This is my first ever fanmix and I am ridiculously excited about it xDD

My Heart (Is Filled With You) )

hur hur

Mar. 21st, 2012 10:34 pm
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Well hello there, I've been such a lazy ass after that Amer. Cult. exam. Which, actually, wasn't even really a proper exam because it literally took me a grand total of 12 minutes to finish the exam. It was that easy. And now I have to wait basically forever and a half because our professor doesn't use the Scantrons that everyone else does and does it by hand. Ew. But I asked him about our group projects when I handed my exam in and he said that he'll talk about them tomorrow and we'll finally start on them. Thank. God. I was getting kind of worried since I've noticed that some other classes have started on them.

But in other news, we're also having a project in Expo. By ourselves and we have to speak in front of the class. Bleh. At least I know everyone in my expo class which is better than amer. cult. where I don't know anyone in the group I have to work with. Damn Doolin for already making designated groups. |:


I kind of forgot what I was going to talk about here. OTL. LOL. But I've talked about my expo and amer. cult. class quite a lot in the past few days even though it's not even my most intense and ridiculous class. That's actually chem and bio. Since. You know. Pharmacy school and all. Six years. Huzzah. Not.

Gotta get through it though. Gotta be successful. I might not be the best but I will try and I will succeed. I will.


And on that note, I now have nothing to say. LOL XD
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I think I'm beginning to feel quite attached to writing on here for the past few days. I think it's because I've been reading this James x Lily fic on FF called Commentarius (conveniently linked it there, see?) and I'm easily quite persuaded. I mean I start talking in an English accent just a few chapters in! Hello there world, I am putty, mold me however you like.

But anyways, it's 8:50AM right now and I've been on and off since... like 5:30 really. Stupid alarm. Wouldn't stop working. Kept going. Waking me up every half hour. Damn thing. But I guess it's to my benefit since I do still have to finish writing that proposal (which I am glad to say is probably going to be done really easily) and I still have to cram for that Amer. Cult. exam at 3 today. Thankfully, Shannon, my roommate, has these wonderfully extensive notes done by some other that she gladly shared with me and her friend last night and now I just have to go over those. Huzzah!

It's still only 9 though so that leaves me about... 5 hours to study for my exam later on today, setting aside an hour to finish my expo proposal and the other hour for random, daily things like writing on here, taking a shower, going to school, etc, etc. But I really should go finish this proposal now so I can fully start my day.

Wish me luck.


Mar. 20th, 2012 01:34 am
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Finally. Huzzah. I finished my Amer. Cult. essay like an hour or two ago. I. Am. Pooped. I'm pretty I rambled on about the African Americans and the Mexicans and land ownership and developing an American identity like a pro but seriously? I had no idea what the fuck I was talking about. I rarely know what the fuck I'm talking about and it's all bullshit anyways and... guh. I really don't care at this point in time. It's 1:30 AM and I'm ridiculously tired and I still have this stupid Amer. Cult. exam to cram for tomorrow and my proposal for expo which is going to be shit because I have no idea what I'm even going to write for that and.


Sleep. Sleep sounds good right now. I think I'll do it sometime soon. Maybe in the new few minutes. That sounds positively dandy.

And my list from earlier today?

I'd be very surprised if I even finished anything other than that stupid paper.

Pah. I hate my life.

Hullo pillow, meet my head. I think you two will probably get along splendidly together, don't you think?
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Oooo ~ I kinda just want to answer this question because it pertains to me. ^^

But I really want a cat. It's not about preference exactly. I just think that I am more suited to cats. I mean, I don't really have a very good track record at keeping things alive. I've pretty much killed more plants and fishes than I could probably count on my hands. This particular fact is sad but undoubtedly true. /le sigh.

I just think a cat is like the perfect pet for me. They are quiet and independent, but they are also friendly and cuddly. I want that. I think the plants and fishes (and, I admit, the two turtles that I had) didn't make it under my care because... well... I forgot about them. Which I am completely sorry and repentant for but I'm a person that needs someone or something to pester me about these sorts of things. And people would say that a dog is perfect for me, but dogs are so much maintenance. I can't handle that either. There's too much work and responsibility that I don't really want. Especially if there are other alternatives for it. And I may come sounding off as hard and cruel and irresponsible but... I can't help it. I want the easy life and dogs aren't it for me.

So... A cat. They can be by themselves, they're very independent, they don't need as much grooming and maintenance but they are also affectionate and trusting and wonderful pets. They're perfect and small and adorable. I want one. I want one so much that I'm flirting with thoughts of being a cat lady. At the age of 27. Yeah. I mean, it's not like I have guys lining up to be with me anyways and I bet a few cats or so would be a better companion. Maybe I'll also get a hedgehog. They're cute. And we could all live happily ever after. No men. LMFAO.

I think I've gone mad.

But, yeah. Cats. Lovely pets those.


Mar. 19th, 2012 05:19 pm
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I have no idea where I am going with this essay. And I still need to study. And pick a story from the stupid Charters book and write a proposal for Expo.

Please kill me.

I will gladly face death.


Why am I such a procrastinator and lazy ass?


There is still that whole ledge and high places and cliffs business. I'll just come in line for that. The only silver lining in this whole retched business is that I don't have a Chem lab quiz today. But this lab is apparently very long. Damn. I'll just study and work my buttocks off later. And get some of those things done in that list.





Mar. 19th, 2012 09:45 am
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Ok. So. Like. It's 9:32 AM and I am sitting in my nice comfy spot in our fail library. It's nice and quiet and comfy and it's absolutely a wonderful thing and I would really be ok if I just stayed here for most of the day because the sun is hitting me just right and did I mention this chair I'm sitting on is ridiculously comfortable? But anyways, never mind.

I think I need another list today, because I like lists and well, I didn't really finish the list before. And making a lists makes me feel like I have to do what's on it and I need something like that because I am a huge procrastinator and it will make things easier. I hope. Fingers crossed.

So. Without further ado. My new list:

Louise's New List of Things To Do For March 19, 2012, Because She Did Not Finish Her List From The Day Before

1. Finish writing Amer. Cult. essay ASAP because it is due: TODAY AT 11:45 PM she shouldn't miss that.
2. Study for Amer. Cult. exam tmm. There are a bajillion chapters. Should go over those.
3. Read more stories for Expo.
4. Write proposal for Expo.
5. Actually, probably go ask for advice on possible story to be used in this Expo project and send an e-mail to professor about it.
6. Rejoice that there is no quiz today in Chem lab.
7. Eat.
8. Watch recent OUAT episode.
9. Go outside. Seriously. It's nice out today.
10. Read more. Study more. DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE.

The last one is very important and the first is imperative. I still have some 550 words to go for that essay and I should get on that bandwagon for Expo.


Have I mentioned that I really don't like going to this school? Ugh. So much work. And for SIX. YEARS. Gah. I feel like I'm going to acquire wrinkles and grey hair from stress before I even get my PhD in Pharmacy at this school. There's a possibility I might roll off a cliff. But then again, Massachusetts is all rolling hills. Maybe. I should look into that. In the mean time, there's always a few high ledges and buildings around with roof access and such. Oh, the options ~

Oops. I should probably go do that essay now.
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That one line has been stuck in my head ever since i downloaded the album hours ago. Damn. It's still playing in my head. I don't know what to feel about that. At least we know the song is catchy! :DD

LMAO but I am really actually ridiculously excited about SHINee's comeback though because.. well.. dude it's SHINee. They are my first K-Pop love and that will never ever change. Especially the fact that I seem to swoon whenever Jinki sings and, well, swoon and get embarrassed at whatever Jinki does anyways. Because he is, like, my first love. And I adore him to utter bits and pieces. And at least this love is a very non-tainted love and I don't feel like I would want to jump his bones or get hot and flustered whenever I see certain pictures of him. Unlike some other male Korean pop idol coughHyukjaecough.

But really though. I am quite excited to see their MV because let's face it, it's kinda boring to watch Super Juniors MV's cuz they're mostly in a box and exo... Well, they're dilly-dallying along just fine over there in their own little corner and take forever to, you know, get moving. I really thought they would debut earlier, you know? Like, just a bit after everyone had graduated because it's a good opportunity since the kids are out of school and all but I guess not. It seemed like a right fine graduation though. Must've been nice. Or something.


But anyways! On to the progress that I've had with my list of things to do today. It hasn't really worked out quite as I'd planned but as least I did something today and not just wasted it or anything. And it's not like it isn't over yet because I do intend to start studying for Amer. Cult. tonight and get some of the paper out of the way since it is due 11:45 pm tomorrow. At least I got a few sentences of it started. Yes. But I should read and study first because I have no idea what I'm going to say in the essay. So. Yes. Read and study. And while I'm at it, I should also probably wash the dishes. Yup. Good idea.

So... List. Yes.

Louise's List of Things To Do Today, Sunday, March 18, 2012

1. Finish Calculus II Q's (Due Mon.)
2. Work on Amer. Cult. Exam Essay (Due Mon.)
3. Finish reading Death of A Salesman | Act II (Due Tues.)
4. Read and work on proposal for Expo II (Due Tues.)
5. Tidy up my side of the dorm.
6. Read and review both chem and bio.
7. Don't forget to eat again.
8. Walk around a bit. It's a nice day today. Almost 70!
9. Do laundry (this wasn't on the list earlier but whatever)
10. Wash the dishes.

So... Yea. I'll go finish most of this, yea.


Mar. 18th, 2012 02:19 pm
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I know this isn't really much but there's been some improvement to the Things I have to do today! :DDD

Yes, I didn't think I would have done something either but I did! So here's the list:

Louise's List of Things To Do Today, Sunday, March 18, 2012

1. Finish Calculus II Q's (Due Mon.)
2. Work on Amer. Cult. Exam Essay (Due Mon.)
3. Finish reading Death of A Salesman | Act II (Due Tues.)
4. Read and work on proposal for Expo II (Due Tues.)
5. Tidy up my side of the dorm.
6. Read and review both chem and bio.
7. Don't forget to eat again.
8. Walk around a bit. It's a nice day today. Almost 70!
9. Do laundry (this wasn't on the list earlier but whatever)

I feel so very proud of myself!

Now off to read Death of A Salesman !!!


Mar. 18th, 2012 09:34 am
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Being swamped with schoolwork is not as fun as one thinks. And this stupid, bloody school? Yea, they don't get that particular bit of information. Just the past week alone, I've had 2 exams and 2 lab quizzes, and it's the week after spring break! They're all freaking lucky no one failed miserably and left school.

Though... Some people have actually already left. How sad is that? That literally, the goal they have for the first 2 years of pharmacy school is to weed and kick out all the incompetent, lazy bums that are just there for the money that being a pharmacist entails. Well I will tell you all now that that will not be me, thank you very much. I may not be the smartest and most diligent person in the crayon box but I'm not the worst either. I will make it. I will. I just have to focus and stuff.

But it's just so hard to focus, you know. I've been trying to cut back but I think I'm pretty much addicted to my computer (is there a name for that?) and I am a very, very, very good professional procrastinator. It's so hard to focus. Focusing is just very difficult for me because I have the attention span of a 5 year old and it's not good. It makes me very frustrated sometimes. :(

BBut anyways, I have a lot of things left to do today, Sunday. I'll make a list! I love lists. Lists are amazing. Here goes:

Louise's List of Things To Do Today, Sunday, March 18, 2012

1. Finish Calculus II Q's (Due Mon.)
2. Work on Amer. Cult. Exam Essay (Due Mon.)
3. Finish reading Death of A Salesman | Act II (Due Tues.)
4. Read and work on proposal for Expo II (Due Tues.)
5. Tidy up my side of the dorm.
6. Read and review both chem and bio.
7. Don't forget to eat again.
8. Walk around a bit. It's a nice day today. Almost 70!

I got this guys. I. Got. This. I will be good and productive today.

Starting at 10.




Mar. 6th, 2012 12:46 am
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Angel of War

The ground is painted in red. )


Feb. 21st, 2012 12:58 am
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What is life?

I have no clue but apparently here's another journal site! Yay!! This seems like fun but I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll post my poem here? And my short story? Both from Eng. Lit.? Maybe. I should post my few drabbles here as well. LOL This way, I won't have llamasita anymore. Which makes me sad but what's done is done. I wonder if anyone will read what I write.


Ha. L O L

Welp. I'll figure out what's going with this tomorrow ~ Hur Hur ~


Feb. 16th, 2012 12:09 am
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Kibum/Donghae – He Will Be Loved [77] (Kibum is loved)

Kihae )

Han Geng/Heechul – Breaking the Rules [483] (Heechul doesn’t break the rules for just anyone)

Hanchul )

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi – Pinkie Promise [292] (Pinkie promises mean forever)

QMi )

Siwon/Sungmin – Fairy Tail [273] (Sungmin gets his Happily Ever After)

ShiMin )

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Hello ~ This is Louise and this is my second journal here in LJ because I thought the previous one that I had was getting wayyyy too unorganized and all over the place so! New one! XD

I actually have no idea what to do with it yet but it's going to mostly be me posting up some icons and drabbles and poems here that have no place else to go and storing fics that I adore in my memories ^ - ^

Anddd ~~ I'm not going to post here as much as I do my tumblr and twitter but I'll be here! :D
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