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I'm still doing good. This weekend, and the last weekend too actually, has not been kind to me. I had my first orgo exam last monday. I think something in me kind of died during that test. It was very traumatizing. We shall not speak of it anymore. Kelley needs to just retire. Or stops giving us a three page long written exam THAT NO ONE CAN FINISH. jfc. I have never skipped more or left more answers blank on that exam in my life.

But that's over and now I have physics and micro to look forward to. Yay.


Just. My physics teacher is horrendous and now I have embarked on trying to figure out anything by myself. I hope I do well. I mean, physics is ok right? It's like the Spanish to the science world. Supposedly easy but the professors just like to make it harder for everyone else, the bastards. It's ok. I believe in myself. Hwaiting \O/ And micro. Micro is all right. I just have to believe in that because if I don't, I will probably just panic and fail.


Midterms always kill me.

Annnddddd ~ I have a new black hole of a band that I have fallen into! It's ~~~ EXO LOL \O/ BLACK HOLE. I REPEAT. THEY ARE AN IMMENSE BLACK HOLE. It's been a whirlwind with me for them actually. I was really excited when SM came out with the announcement of a new band! And then I got extremely annoyed of all the teasers and shit and then I fell out of the K-POP fandom a bit because DOCTOR WHO! AVENGERS! SHERLOCK! ONCE UPON A TIMEEEEE ~ !!! And then I slowly got back in to the K-POP fandom and then BAM. EXO. Bitches. It was like a side line from out of no where. I hate them. Whut?

Chen's my favorite! The troll LOL

But you know how this weekend isn't really that good to me? Yeah? The Ponds left. Like. Yeah. Can you tell I have a big gaping hole in my chest. I cried. In front of my friends. I don't even want to talk about it. It's a bit embarrasing.

So now I'm in my kitchen sitting in the uncomfortable wooden chair trying to study physics but failing because I get sidetracked easily and when is life going to be any easier. When do I start becoming dedicated and excited about it. I hope soon. I sincerely hope soon.

Can this year end already?
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