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Fandom: The Avengers [Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/The Incredible Hulk]
Subject: Individual Avengers & Ships [Movie Canon]
Title: Heart Is A Soldier
Warnings: Movie canon ships and Loki LOL
Notes: This fanmix took forever to put together, you have no idea, and it’s so… eccentric in it's musical choices. LMAO. Sorry for that XD It's very pop, I guess and it’s also ship-y as well and I stuck to movie-canon, so, yeah. LOL. Enjoy it! And Thank you! :D

is a

01. This Is Love by The Script [All]
This is why we do it // This is worth the pain // This is why we fall down // And get back up again.

02. Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine [Clint Barton = Hawkeye]
And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back // And given half the chance would I take any of it back // It’s a fine romance but it’s left me so undone // It’s always darkest before the dawn.

03. The Beacon by A Fine Frenzy [Tony Stark / Pepper Potts]
Let me stand by you // The honor is mine // Let me stand by you // Loneliest light, loneliest light, loneliest light.

04. Amazing (Heartbeats Remix) by Kanye West [Loki Laufeyson]
I’m a monster // I’m a killer // I know I’m wrong // Yeah // I’m a problem // That’d never ever be solved // And no matter what you’ll never take that from me // My reign is as far as your eyes can see.

05. Trouble Is A Friend by Lenka [Bruce Banner = The Hulk]
He’s here in the dark // He’s here in my heart // He waits in the wings // He’s gotta play a part // Trouble is a friend, yeah // Trouble is a friend of mine.

06. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living by My Chemical Romance [Clint Barton / Natasha Romanoff]
Another knife in my hands // A stain that never comes off the sheets // Clean me off // I’m so dirty babe.

07. All Alright by .Fun [Tony Stark = Iron Man]
I’ve given everyone I know // A good reason to go // I was surprised you stuck around // Long enough to figure out // That it’s all alright // I guess it’s all alright // I got nothing left inside of my chest.

08. Invincible by OK Go [Thor Odinson]
When they finally come to destroy the earth // They’ll have to go through you first // I bet they won’t be expecting that.

09. As Time Goes By by Frank Sinatra [Steve Rogers / Peggy Carter]
It’s still the same old story // A fight for love and glory // A case of do or die // The world will always welcome lovers // As time goes by.

10. Glad You Came by The Wanted [Thor Odinson / Jane Foster]
The sun goes down // The stars come out // And all that counts // Is here and now // My universe will never be the same // I’m glad you came.

11. Fear & Loathing by Marina & The Diamonds [Natasha Romanoff = Black Widow]
And now I see, I see it for the first time // There is no crime in being kind // Not everyone is out to screw you over // Maybe, oh maybe, they just want to get to know ya.

12. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional [Bruce Banner / Betty Ross]
I watch you spin around in your highest heels // You are the best one, of the best ones // We all look like we feel // You have stolen my (3x) // You have stolen my heart.

13. Wonderful World by James Morrison [Steve Rogers = Captain America]
And I know it’s a wonderful world // But I can’t feel it right now // Well I thought I was doing well // But I just want to cry now // Well I know it’s a wonderful world // From the sky down to the sea // But I can only see it when you’re here, here with me.

Download [.zip & cover art]

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