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I think I'm beginning to feel quite attached to writing on here for the past few days. I think it's because I've been reading this James x Lily fic on FF called Commentarius (conveniently linked it there, see?) and I'm easily quite persuaded. I mean I start talking in an English accent just a few chapters in! Hello there world, I am putty, mold me however you like.

But anyways, it's 8:50AM right now and I've been on and off since... like 5:30 really. Stupid alarm. Wouldn't stop working. Kept going. Waking me up every half hour. Damn thing. But I guess it's to my benefit since I do still have to finish writing that proposal (which I am glad to say is probably going to be done really easily) and I still have to cram for that Amer. Cult. exam at 3 today. Thankfully, Shannon, my roommate, has these wonderfully extensive notes done by some other that she gladly shared with me and her friend last night and now I just have to go over those. Huzzah!

It's still only 9 though so that leaves me about... 5 hours to study for my exam later on today, setting aside an hour to finish my expo proposal and the other hour for random, daily things like writing on here, taking a shower, going to school, etc, etc. But I really should go finish this proposal now so I can fully start my day.

Wish me luck.


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