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Oooo ~ I kinda just want to answer this question because it pertains to me. ^^

But I really want a cat. It's not about preference exactly. I just think that I am more suited to cats. I mean, I don't really have a very good track record at keeping things alive. I've pretty much killed more plants and fishes than I could probably count on my hands. This particular fact is sad but undoubtedly true. /le sigh.

I just think a cat is like the perfect pet for me. They are quiet and independent, but they are also friendly and cuddly. I want that. I think the plants and fishes (and, I admit, the two turtles that I had) didn't make it under my care because... well... I forgot about them. Which I am completely sorry and repentant for but I'm a person that needs someone or something to pester me about these sorts of things. And people would say that a dog is perfect for me, but dogs are so much maintenance. I can't handle that either. There's too much work and responsibility that I don't really want. Especially if there are other alternatives for it. And I may come sounding off as hard and cruel and irresponsible but... I can't help it. I want the easy life and dogs aren't it for me.

So... A cat. They can be by themselves, they're very independent, they don't need as much grooming and maintenance but they are also affectionate and trusting and wonderful pets. They're perfect and small and adorable. I want one. I want one so much that I'm flirting with thoughts of being a cat lady. At the age of 27. Yeah. I mean, it's not like I have guys lining up to be with me anyways and I bet a few cats or so would be a better companion. Maybe I'll also get a hedgehog. They're cute. And we could all live happily ever after. No men. LMFAO.

I think I've gone mad.

But, yeah. Cats. Lovely pets those.


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