Sep. 4th, 2012

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It was the start of school today. I know. B l e h. I'm in my second year of a six year pharmd program and I just moved into my new apartment with my friends 4 days ago (?). It was last saturday, well, technically last sunday since I didn't sleep here saturday night but still. Moved in on saturday. It's really annoying though because our landlord's a huge asshole about everything, is useless, and did i mention he was a jackass? The real estate agent is also a big bag of incompetent but, you know, you deal and stuff.

On the bright side, the apartment is bigger than we secondly thought! It's still dirty because our landlord's definition of clean is just to wipe everything down superficially but the ceilings are really high and there's more space in my room than I thought. I still haven't finished packing (it's seeming like I have a lot of stuff right?) and my walls are really barren but it's going to be home-y. Soon. LOL

But as I said, it was the start of school today. I had two classes, microbio and psych of aggression. The professor for microbio seems alright and his grading system is really straightforward (just subtract whatever points you lost from 600) and, well, this is bio and I really hope I do well this semester. Please, please, please, please, pleaaaseeee. And I say that not only because I want that trip to the Philippines during winter break but just for myself. Because I want to do good. I hope I do well. The tests scare me though. I'm not a good exam taker.

And now everyone's saying that Kelly, our organic chem teacher is old and senile and horrible and that they wanted him to retire but guess not and that he's a bad teacher and S O B S. I already can't handle chemistry with a good teacher, how am I going to do with a bad? ;____; My life sucks. We'll see how orgo goes tomorrow ; n;

I had psych of aggression today as well. The teacher, prof. roderick, walks around a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It's insane and you just swerve your head where ever he goes. The classroom we have right now doesn't work either. There's like 20 of us and they gave us a huge ass auditorium. Who does that? Stupid registrars. Seriously, do they not see practicality.

I also have to go buy my books. I swear these things just keep getting more and more expensive every single fucking year. Who the fuck gives publisher's the right to sell their damn school books for $300? That's insane! Not everyone's rich you mother fuckers. JFC. We college kids are broke. Guh.

Buuuttttttttttttt ~ I hope this semester goes well. Ughhhh ~ I really hope so.

Luck to me.


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