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That one line has been stuck in my head ever since i downloaded the album hours ago. Damn. It's still playing in my head. I don't know what to feel about that. At least we know the song is catchy! :DD

LMAO but I am really actually ridiculously excited about SHINee's comeback though because.. well.. dude it's SHINee. They are my first K-Pop love and that will never ever change. Especially the fact that I seem to swoon whenever Jinki sings and, well, swoon and get embarrassed at whatever Jinki does anyways. Because he is, like, my first love. And I adore him to utter bits and pieces. And at least this love is a very non-tainted love and I don't feel like I would want to jump his bones or get hot and flustered whenever I see certain pictures of him. Unlike some other male Korean pop idol coughHyukjaecough.

But really though. I am quite excited to see their MV because let's face it, it's kinda boring to watch Super Juniors MV's cuz they're mostly in a box and exo... Well, they're dilly-dallying along just fine over there in their own little corner and take forever to, you know, get moving. I really thought they would debut earlier, you know? Like, just a bit after everyone had graduated because it's a good opportunity since the kids are out of school and all but I guess not. It seemed like a right fine graduation though. Must've been nice. Or something.


But anyways! On to the progress that I've had with my list of things to do today. It hasn't really worked out quite as I'd planned but as least I did something today and not just wasted it or anything. And it's not like it isn't over yet because I do intend to start studying for Amer. Cult. tonight and get some of the paper out of the way since it is due 11:45 pm tomorrow. At least I got a few sentences of it started. Yes. But I should read and study first because I have no idea what I'm going to say in the essay. So. Yes. Read and study. And while I'm at it, I should also probably wash the dishes. Yup. Good idea.

So... List. Yes.

Louise's List of Things To Do Today, Sunday, March 18, 2012

1. Finish Calculus II Q's (Due Mon.)
2. Work on Amer. Cult. Exam Essay (Due Mon.)
3. Finish reading Death of A Salesman | Act II (Due Tues.)
4. Read and work on proposal for Expo II (Due Tues.)
5. Tidy up my side of the dorm.
6. Read and review both chem and bio.
7. Don't forget to eat again.
8. Walk around a bit. It's a nice day today. Almost 70!
9. Do laundry (this wasn't on the list earlier but whatever)
10. Wash the dishes.

So... Yea. I'll go finish most of this, yea.


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